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"Inner techniques begin with ordinary techniques. Ordinary techniques end up as inner techniques.

In the beginning there are no inner techniques, in the end they are inner techniques.

The key to whether they actually become reality lies in disciplined training."


Toyama Kanken, Dai Shihan


During his lifetime, Toyama Kanken wrote three books in which he described in one chapter the basic characteristics of seven special techniques that he learned in his youth on Okinawa from Itosu Anko and others.


  • Fukushiki Kokyu Ho - Breathing with the belly
  • Shishi no Ho - The Technique of the Lion
  • Tora no Ho - The Technique of the Tiger
  • Akuryoku Ho - The Technique of the Iron Grip
  • Tangan Ho - The technique of the Piercing Eyes
  • Kuma no Te - The Technique of the Bear
  • Sankakutobi - The Triangular Jump


These techniques include a special breathing method, exercises to increase grip strength and to strengthen the power of the eyes, various jumping kicking techniques and the techniques of the lion, the tiger and the bear based on the world of animals. However, Toyama Sensei did not write extensively about these techniques, so very little has been preserved for posterity.


In "The Seven Intermost Techniques of Toyama Kanken", for the first time an in-depth study and analysis of these seven techniques is undertaken. In the first part, the background, training methods and possible applications of all seven techniques are described in detail. The second part contains a translation of Toyama Kanken's original manuscript.


Following the book "Toyama Kanken - The Heritage of Shudokan" published in 2018, this book is intended to make a further contribution to the tribute to the life and teachings of the karate pioneer Toyama Kanken.

The Seven Innermost Techniques of Toyama Kanken

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